Keegan Storms the Ryder Cup

Keegan Storms the Ryder Cup

Keegan Bradley reacts at the 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah Country Club.

The 39th Ryder Cup will go down in history for a number of reasons, the biggest being the United States’ collapse on the final day at Medinah Country Club, blowing a 10-6 lead to team Europe, who eventually won 14 ½ to 13 ½.

However, St. John’s University will remember this year’s Ryder Cup for the performance of Keegan Bradley, a
2008 graduate from the College of Professional Studies.

Bradley finished the competition with a 3-1 record, his lone loss coming in his final match to world number one, Rory Mcllroy. He was the first rookie to win his first three matches at the event since 1995.

Bradley quickly became a crowd favorite at Medinah, inducing tremendous roars of approval after his animated celebrations after each put he sank.

Bradley’s vivacity took the media by storm. His passion for the competition mixed with a strict, red, white and blue-only wardrobe, granted him a large following.

Media outlets across the country highlighted his yelps of joy while celebrities took to their Twitters to applaud the St.
John’s alum.

Bradley was paired with veteran Phil Mickelson at the competition. Mickelson’s experience mixed with Bradley’s youthful zest made for one of the most lethal pairings at the event as the duo only trailed for three out of a possible 44 holes.

Despite the fact that team USA failed to win the Cup, Bradley left an indelible mark on the competition and the golfing
world as a whole. Many believe the former Johnnie to be the future face of American golf.

A native of Woodstock, Vermont, Bradley was a member of the St. John’s golf team during his four-year tenure at the school, before turning professional in 2008.

He won his first major championship during his rookie season at the 2011 PGA Championship.