Burner and Reed ready to go

After a week hiatus, the St. John’s softball team prepares for their upcoming matchup against Alabama at Birmingham set for Friday Feb. 28th as a part of the Sixth Annual Bulldog Invitational, players Erin Burner & Jackie Reed along with head coach, Amy Kvilhaug recently gave personal insights on what’s expected of this team for the 2014 season.

“I think we’re in a good position in terms of our chemistry,” head coach, Amy Kvilhaug said. “Everybody is on board and the wheel is spinning in the right direction for us.”

Kvilhaug says that there are areas that can help the team this year that weren’t there last year.

“Our defense has improved and the amount of production from our offensive lineup has gotten better from top to bottom.” Pointing out that depth is something of considerable significance this season, giving her the ability to “mix & match” in reference to the roster.

Something that wasn’t much of an option in comparison to last season, where she described they were “thin” in some areas.

“Everybody wants the same thing and everybody has the same goal,” Kvilhaug said. “First reach the Big East tournament in Illinois, compete for the Big East championship, and move on to the NCAA tournament.”

After recently landing on the Big East honor roll for the second straight time, junior Erin Burner is ready to turn this team into a winner.

“Definitely going to the Big East Tournament because it’s something that we are all working towards.”

Solidifying Kvilhaug’s point that the overall goal is the same amongst the entire team. Burner also shared a few thoughts on what’s she’s learned from teammate, Jackie Reed, throughout the past few years.

“[Our goal is] to never give up,” Reed said. “That there are always other opportunities.”

As Reed gets ready for her final year, she’s noticed a couple of differences that can benefit the team this year.

“The chemistry is really good, it goes beyond just verbal communication. We understand each other so the overall communication is really great. Things between Erin & I are really good.”

With their sights collectively set on the same goal, the St. John’s softball team seek to continue on accomplishing their mission gearing up for their five game swing in Athens, Georgia.