Catching up with Women’s Basketball


TORCH PHOTO / Brenden Willisch

The St. John’s Women’s Basketball team has been working hard over winter break, fighting through an unconventional season due to the pandemic. 

The team’s first scheduled game against St. Francis College Brooklyn on Nov. 25 was canceled, making for a start to the season that fits the unpredictable theme of 2020. Still, the Red Storm did not let the cancelation put a damper on their spirits as they tipped off the season with a win against Fairleigh Dickinson University on Nov. 28. The team continued its winning streak  after its second game versus Saint Peter’s University on Dec. 1 as well. Both games were won by extreme margins, with the final score against Fairleigh Dickinson being 70-44, against Saint Peter’s 85-47. 

For a short time that winning streak faltered; after the postponement of their matchup against Georgetown University on Dec. 4 the team went on to face a stream of five consecutive losses. The Red Storm managed to get back on their feet for two more games, then fell once more into their current three-game losing streak. 

The Johnnies’ two-game win streak from Dec. 22 to Jan. 9 was broken up by yet another postponement for their matchup against Xavier scheduled for Jan. 6. This postponement was due to positive COVID-19 test results within the St. John’s Women’s Basketball program. 

“I am glad that we were able to play and grind it out like we did,” Head Coach Joe Tartamella said during the post-game press conference on Jan. 9 after the team’s victory against Butler after their COVID-19 pause. “I am really proud of the team’s effort from that standpoint.”

With their latest game against Creighton University postponed, the Red Storm still have 12 games left in the season to get some wins under its belt. 

Despite recent losses, the team’s noteworthy talent has been on display. Many players on the St. John’s Women’s Basketball team have achieved personal bests of their own throughout the season, but two players who stand out are Qadashah Hoppie and sophomore Leilani Correa. 

In a recent game against Seton Hall on Jan. 20, senior guard Hoppie led the team in points for the third game in a row, putting 18 points onto the board in Walsh Gymnasium. 

In the same game, Correa was among the double-digit scorers, finishing with 12 registered points. The guard from Manchester, New Jersey, has carried over her talent from her first season with the Johnnies during the 2019-20 season. 

Hoppie and Correa have made other personal achievements throughout this season.In the team’s game against Marquette on Jan. 17, Hoppie obtained 15 points in only 29 minutes on the court. Correa achieved her third double-double of the 2020-21 season with 11 points and 10 rebounds in that same game. 

During the Red Storm’s latest win against Butler University on Jan. 9, Hoppie and Correa proved to be key players once again. Hoppie slid her way into second place on the program’s all-time list for three-pointers after making six of 12 attempted shots from the floor throughout the game — the Staten Island native totaled 17 points. Correa earned a game-high 20 points in 37 minutes on the court, making her the leading scorer for the game against Butler.

The Women’s Basketball team currently holds an overall record of 4-8. Despite this record and other adversities throughout the season, the individual talent displayed each game is unmatched. Passion is clear in every player, each and every game played. Win or lose, that love for the game is hard to find anywhere other than St. John’s.