Designer Romeo Guaricci makes U.S. debut at SJU

St. John’s University’s Chung-Cheng Art Gallery, in conjunction with the University’s Italian Cultural Center and Center for Global Studies is hosting the first United States exhibit of the successful Italian graphic and interior designer, Romeo Guaricci.

As a leading graphic designer in Italy for the past 20 years, Guaricci has designed posters, logos, book covers and other types of advertising, all on display at the gallery.

With the present age of computers taking over the art of designing, a majority of Guaricci’s work was created by hand, giving step-by-step instructions of how to design logos manually.

He experiments with all different variations of geometry, color and space, producing exuberant designs that will distort reality into the unimaginable.

At age 50, the talented designer is now in the process of designing interior furniture such as suspended illuminated lamps, tables and–his most popular product–his hollow-punched calendars that have sold more than a million copies.

Professor Paul Fabozzi, who is overseeing the exhibit, met Guaricci while studying abroad last summer in Rome. Fabozzi was impressed with Guaricci’s work, especially without the use of computers and decided to bring and share it with St. John’s.

“Students have responded to the work in a positive way,” Fabozzi said.

St. John’s art and graphic design students were present at a lecture Guaricci gave last month about his work.

“It was amazing how he can take a simple shape and make it so dynamic,” said Neil Samuel, a graphic design student.

“It’s a great exhibit,” said graduate assistant Suzanne Guarnieri. “It’s different from other exhibits we’ve had. It’s non-traditional and shows another aspect of art…graphic design.”

Among some of Guaricci’s other accomplishments are his advertisements for a large assortment of Italian companies, including Cofiri, CIDA and IBIS.

In America, he hopes to influence a company to accept his dynamic and exotic furniture designs and allow more Americans to recognize and embrace his art.

Guaricci has also published two books, “Sintesi Grafica” and “Sistema di Segnaletica Turistica,” and has been published in international magazines as well as held exhibits all over Europe.

Guaricci is also on the faculty of several academies and institutes in Rome and is currently spreading his expertise in America.

If you want to witness the exhibit of this talented individual, students can visit Chung-Cheng Art Gallery at Sun Yat Sen Hall from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., or for more information, call 718-990-7476.