Student Government EXPANDs

The new Executive Board members and Senators for Student Government, Inc. 2002-2003 were announced at last week’s Organizational Congress meeting. Representative elections will be held April 17 and 18.

A debate was scheduled to take place between opposing tickets at the Congress, but since there was no opposition, the winners were announced instead.

“No one else chose to run; there was no other choice,” said Aion Hoque, who will take over as the new president of Student Government in May.

The new Executive Board members and senators for the 2002-2003 EXPAND ticket consist of Hoque and John Hewson, as vice president. Hoque has been a part of Student Government Inc. since 1999 and Hewson since 2001. The new secretary is Megan Kates and William Hannon was selected as the new treasurer. The new senior senator is Nina Petraro and the new junior senator is Vibhuti Arya. All have previous Student Government, Inc. experience, although executive board positions only require previous involvement with Student Government, Inc.

“I think they will do an excellent job,” said Caragh De Luca, the current Student Government, Inc. treasurer.

This is not the first time an election has gone uncontested. Although it has happened a handful of times since Student Government was incorporated in 1989, the last time elections were unopposed was two years ago.

“The fact that they were uncontested does not have anything to do with their ability,” said current Student Government president, Kristina Verbitskaya, who ran on the unopposed ticket two years ago.

Hoque said, there was no opposition this year of a decline in attendance and involvement with Student Government.

“Everyone eligible knew about the elections in late January, but no one else put together a ticket in time to [oppose us],” said Hoque.

Student Government Inc. said there was adequate advertising.

“Election packets were distributed throughout Marillac and the University Center,” said Verbitskaya. Copies were also available in the Student Government Office.” There was also an ad in the Eye of the Storm Guide throughout the year.

DeLuca said that even though they were unopposed it will not hinder their efforts.

“It does not make a difference [that no one ran against them]. Ultimately anyone willing to put in the time and effort is dedicated,” she said.

The goal for the new Student Government Executive Board is to make more involved with general student concerns and interests.

“[We] want to take Student Government Inc. back to its original role as a legislative and representative body,” said Hoque.

“The organization has strayed in too many directions. We want to get away from programming and return to being a [voice] for every undergraduate student.

“We are also going to strive to increase involvement, a job that will begin well before we even take office.”

The elections for the Student Government Representatives for 2002-2003 will be taking place on April 17 and April 18 from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m.

Various seats vacant for the Tobin School of Business, College of Pharmacy, School of Education, College of Professional Studies and St. John’s College.