Hazing Seminar Approved

With Alcohol Awareness Week on the horizon, a Greek organization on campus has asked one of their own to come and speak on the dangers of hazing and substance abuse.

Sigma Phi Epsilon was approved $1,000 to hold a Risk Management and Hazing Seminar, which will be held on Oct. 24 in the U.C. Commons during the common hour. Student Government Inc. allocated the money at Monday’s meeting in the U.C.

“It is a necessary speech that will be taking place during Alcohol Awareness Week. I feel it is a lecture that will benefit the whole community,” David Graziano, president of Sigma Phi Epsilon said.

Judge Mitch Crane, a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon and a partner in the Westchester law firm Crane, Bishay & Fisher, will be coming to St. John’s to speak on pertinent risk management issues.

Topics include public perceptions of Greek life, hazing, substance abuse and negligence. “It benefits the whole Greek community,” Fabrice Armand, chair of student affairs, said. “Hazing is an issue on this campus and Judge Crane is a wonderful person to explain that.”

The seminar is also being co-sponsored by IFC (Inter Fraternity Council) and the Panhellenic Council.

The budget committee did not initially recommend approval of this event for Student Government. Andrew Jarrett, the budget chair, expressed his concerns. “It was not recommended because, why is an event on hazing and risk management necessary on the St. John’s campus?” he asked.

O.L.A.S., Lambda Pi Upsilon sorority and Delta Phi Omega frasority also requested a total of $3,500 from Student Government to partially fund Latin Club Night.

Latin Club Night will be held on October 25 in Marillac Terrace which is an annual event that takes place on behalf of Latin Heritage Month.

“It is one of our biggest events. It brings together the entire SJU community, Latinos and other nationalities,” Nicholas Rao, a representative of Delta Phi Omega.

The money was requested in order to book the Latin band, Banda Soberia. “We want that [the band] to attract the Latin community,” Jessica Figueroa, president of O.L.A.S., said.

The money raised at the event will be put into a scholarship, which will be awarded to a Hispanic student from a high school in Queens or Brooklyn.

However, there was some discrepancy as to how much of the proceeds would actually be going into the scholarship fund.

According to Student Government, at the last budget meeting it was understood that 50% of the profit would be allocated to the scholarship fund.

At this meeting Figueroa said, “The proceeds would be cut into four parts. A quarter would go directly into the scholarship fund and the other 75% would be split among the three organizations.” From there each individual organization would decide where they wanted the money to go.

The organization’s request for money was postponed for further discussion at the next Student Government meeting.

“Just because we tabled it does not mean you will not get the money,” Armand reassured. “The organizations need to come to the next Student Government Inc. meeting with the proper information.”

According to the budget report, as of September 23, the special allocations fund to help student organizations, prior to the meeting, for this academic year was $119,164.28.

In other business, the Student Government president Aion Hoque also announced the website for Student Government has been completed and is working. The address for this site at the moment is www.stugovt.com.

During the meeting Student Government Hoque also discussed that they are also thinking of putting together a Research and Projects Committee.

“The committee would deal with issues that could extend to multi-years,” Hoque said. “Right now it is in the planning stages.”