Student Leader: Elizabeth Salogub

Junior accounting major, Elizabeth Salogub, is one of the most enthusiastic and confident people at St. John’s. She’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind, in a respectful manner of course, and she prides herself in her high level of self-esteem. She also takes pride in the service that she does for the community.

“I love to see the smiles on the people’s faces when you help them,” Salogub said. “A smile can speak so many words and generally, they are so gracious for what you’ve given them.”

This commuter resides in Malverne, N.Y. and attended high school at Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead. While in high school, she was involved with the school newspaper and was on the varsity basketball and swimming teams.

“I didn’t really want to leave high school,” she said about choosing a college. “I knew I wanted to say home to be near my family, especially because I have three younger brothers.”

It was between Hofstra and St. John’s and she chose St. John’s because of it being a Catholic university.

“I’ve gone to Catholic schools my whole life, and I knew that’s where I needed to be.”

She also said that one of the aspects she likes about St. John’s is that “it’s the people who make the place.” To Salogub, it’s her home away from home because she spends a lot of her time on campus.

Salogub, who plans on graduating in 2004, said she chose accounting as her field of study because she likes the flexibility of the job. It allows her to work from home or run her own business. She hopes to have a large family one day, so being an accountant will give her the flexibility she needs. Salogub also prefers numbers to words any day.

“I love math,” she said. “I would much rather do a nice math problem than read a book or do a paper.”

Salogub is very involved on campus as a member of the President’s Society, a student ambassador, a liturgical minister, secretary of the Irish Society and president of the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

“I’ve done service my whole life,” she said. “I’ve been a Girl Scout since the first grade. When I came to St. John’s, I looked for different opportunities to do service.”

She found her niche in Campus Ministry and the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Being involved with both of these organizations allows her to connect the service of helping someone with her spirituality.

Salogub is a second year president of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. She is in charge of looking for new and creative ideas to do service and to find contacts outside the university for community service.

In her role as a liturgical minister, she helps during Mass and other ministry-oriented special events. On campus, as well as in her home parish, she is a Eucharistic Minister.

In her spare time, Salogub loves going to basketball games and is a new fan of the St. John’s soccer team.

“You can always find me at one of my little brother’s basketball or baseball games,” she said. “I like having fun, going into the city and hanging out with friends.”

After graduation, she would like to work on Long Island or in Manhattan for an accounting firm. However, no matter how successful she becomes, Salogub’s heart will forever remain at St. John’s.

“I’ll always be involved with St. John’s as an alumni,” she said.

She’d also like to travel outside of the U.S. Her first time outside the country was this past summer for World Youth Day in Canada where she got to see Pope John Paul II.

“I hope to cross the Atlantic and travel because I heard it’s just beautiful,” Salogub said.

Lastly, Salogub has something to say to the St. John’s community.

“I read the campus spotlights and they always say ‘get involved.’ So I’ll definitely say, ‘get involved’.”

She added, “I believe your college career is what you make of it. I just think that if you come to school and you find other things to do besides your studies; that makes the experience much better for you. Meeting people along the way that will be your friends, but people who can help you as well.”