Ok Go’s debut album is sparkin’ a fire

“How long did we all think this would last?” is the opening line to one of the songs on OK Go’s self-titled debut album. If the band was wondering about their career while asking this question, they don’t need to worry about the answer being, “Not too long.”

This CD is a fresh breath of pop-rock air, dealing with topics such as troubled relationships and death with a grain of salt. Seemingly influenced by Weezer, OK Go has re-introduced the possibility of having fun with rock without turning into a novelty act.

There aren’t many bands that have mastered the mix of fun and rock. Usually one part of the equation will overpower the other, but the mere hint of the other’s presence will turn a possible audience away. OK Go has got it down with such songs as their first single, “Get Over It.” The beat is pure rock with a solid drumline and electric guitar intro. But then lead singer Damian Kulash sings off a list of possible problem starters in the first verse. His voice is not what you would expect; it’s a little whiny but remains bearable throughout the song and the album. The equation seems to have found its solution in Kulash.

Other selections show that the Chicago quartet has a softer side as well. On the track “Return,” the band sings of a life cut short and the wish for a return to that life.

The best track off of the album is “There’s a Fire,” a funny song about someone trying to convey an urgent message but who keeps stumbling on his words. Kulash adorably stutters, “This time it is for/ is for/ is, is for real/ How can I make myself more clear?”

I believe there is potential for a fire after hearing this album. OK Go has definitely spurred a spark with this whimsical debut.

For more information on OK Go, visit their website at www.okgo.net.