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Hall Council elections fight apathy

As wide-eye students turned into comfortable residents of Hollis Hall last week, another sort of transformation took place.

Doors which were once bland entryways distorted into canvases of persuasion. Flyers were not restricted to the doors, as every lounge was flooded with them.

A handful of emerging leaders made it clear that they were running for leadership positions of Hollis Hall Council, and that was the spark of the transforming firestorm known as the Hall Council Election.

“I am voting for Shamil Rodriguez for President, as he is the candidate with the most drive, and I share his vision for Hollis Hall,” freshman Matt Longo said. Brian is one of many supporters of Rodriguez. Rodriguez is running for Hollis Hall Council President, and his success in his campaign is built on ideas and values. Family, Progress, and Pride are the three values he is basing his political platform on. Outdoor and indoor socials, putting numbers on the doors of the stairwell, and friendly competitions with the other dorm buildings to foster lasting bonds and Hollis pride. These are just a few of Rodriguez’s ideas.

“Apathy is Hollis’ worst enemy,” Rodriguez said. “My goal in this campaign is to instill activism in Hollis. My goal as President is to inspire residents to get involved and care about decisions that affect every resident. I envision a Hollis Hall united beyond the separation of floors, beyond the separation of backgrounds. We are all in this together, and together we will foster a new Hollis family, fight for effective progress, and instill Hollis pride into every resident.”

Ashley Miller, Rodriguez’s strongest opponent in the election, has supporters who express a deep fondness for her and vow that her ideas will truly change Hollis for the better.

It is evident who will bring the real change to Hollis Hall and who is running for power, ego-boosts, or resume building. Rodriguez, aside from putting the most work into his campaign, will put the most work into governing as well.

His passionate and determined spirit will serve Hollis well, as Ashley’s intimidating and power-grabbing attitude will hurt resident students in the end. “Suvanna from Indiana” seems to be the real thing, as her passion for writing and people shines through in simple conversation. That’s what Hollis Hall needs- passion.

“I’m excited about this election, as there are no losers in Hollis,” said Shanece Heath, a supporter of Suvanna.

Other Halls are holding elections for their Hall Council, and it is important for every resident, no matter what building they reside in, to look into what their candidates are going to bring to the Hall. Voting for the right candidate has unlimited benefits, as Hall Council decisions affect every resident.

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