Sodexho brings better food, same long lines, same poor service

Slow, expensive, creative, and clean. These are some of the adjectives that were used when a few St. John’s students were asked what they thought of the new food service company, Sodexho.

Besides the new place settings and soft cookies, there is not much of a difference in both food selection and service. After the ten to fifteen minute wait to enter the doors of Montgoris, students have to wait another fifteen to twenty minutes to be served.

While it is comforting to see some familiar faces of people that worked for Aramark in years past, it is unfortunate that more people were not hired to handle the abundance of students that come into Montgoris and Marillac on a daily basis. It not only stresses out the students that have to wait for the food, but the people that work there that have to try to work quickly to get the students out of the cafeterias.

In Montgoris, some students have complained that the shortage of workers makes it slower for them to clean up and that many of the tables are covered with people’s dirty trays. While students could fix this messy problem by busing their own trays, it is apparent that the Sodexho staff is undermanned.

Sodexho has extended the hours so that students can eat all day long, which allows one to decide when to eat or not, as opposed to last year where you were forced to eat at certain times, or else you would risk starving until the next meal started.

The one thing most students agree on about the cafeteria in Marillac is that the food is still expensive and the lines are still too long. Walking into Marillac immediately makes most students feel the urge to turn around and leave because it is overcrowded, hot, and few receive any cell phone service. Although there is not much of a change in the food options, the fact that the tax is taken off with the use of your Storm Card is a nice feature.

While students may have complaints, it is our duty to let our voices be heard by the administration so that they may become aware of our concerns and make any necessary adjustments.