University News Briefs


Student killed in on-field celebration


A 20-year-old University of Minnesota-Morris basketball player was killed Saturday after football fans ran onto the field and pulled down a goal post at the end the school’s homecoming victory over Crown College.

Attempts were made to revive Richard Thomas Rose, a junior, on the field, according to school officials. He was pronounced dead later at a nearby hospital. No one else was injured.

It is still unclear at this time how the Benton City, Washington resident died, according to University of Minnesota-Morris Chancellor Sam Schuman.

“I think the presumption is that [his] death was caused by a blow from the goal post,” Schuman told the Associated Press.

Minnesota-Morris is a public liberal arts school in west-central Minnesota and is located approximately 135 miles northwest of Minneapolis.


Graduation Record Examination Overhauled


The Educational Testing Service (ETS) will institute the most drastic changes to the Graduation Record Examination (GRE) in the test’s 55-year history.

Each of the examination’s sections (verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing) will feature new types of questions, a revamped format and a four-hour time limit. The new test will be first offered in October 2006.

The changes are being made to increase the validity of the test and provide better information about students’ performance, according to David Payne, executive director of the GRE program.

The new test will emphasize complex reasoning skills and will feature more real life scenarios and data interpretation questions.