In Short

With the start of a new year, Kanye West is determined to hold on to the crown of controversy that he earned last year. After becoming one of the most notrious persons of 2005, West fully embraced his thrown by posing as Jesus Christ on the Jan. issue of Rolling Stone

West seems to be losing his touch. The whole “Bush doesn’t care about black people” bit pretty much dumfounded everyone, including Mike Myers. His newest publicity stunt is even more outlandish, as West is a repeat offender when it comes to religious issues. He was first depicted as Jesus in his “Jesus Walks” video, as he dragged a cross on his shoulder. He succesfully followed in the footsteps of a half-naked, gyrating Madonna in her 1990 video “Like a Prayer.” No wonder the Pope had medical issues.

In Rolling Stone, West also dressed up as Muhammed Ali, suggesting that he is “the greatest.” This, at least, makes a little sense. West closely represents what Ali meant in the ’60s. He, like West, was outspoken about civil rights, loved to cause controversy, and deemed himself the greatest.

But Kanye as the Son of God?

Come on.

This is the same guy that claims that he has been addicted to pornography since being five years old- not very Jesus like.

And unlike Mr. West, people actually look up to Jesus.

Obviously, this whole publicity stunt was just a pathetic and easy attempt to get his name in the papers.

Well it worked- but next time, let’s make him have to try harder.