Advice from the Features Section


Dear Devil’s Advocate,


I’ve been seeing this guy for a while now and he is great. He’s funny, smart and so nice to me. I really love hanging out with him and we always have fun together. The only thing is that when I’m not with him, like during the week when we go to different schools, I start to think about wanting to be single again. I’m always meeting these guys and wondering what it would be like to date them. But then I think that if I break up with my current boyfriend just to be single, I might not ever find a guy like him again. What should I do?

– Torn


Dear Torn,


Yeah, you have to make a decision. Staying with your boyfriend and deciding

to be single are both valid options. Even though your boyfriend seems to be a great guy, no one will blame you for breaking up just because the situation is not quite right for you at this moment. What they will blame you for is if you stay with him just because you are scared you won’t find anybody else like him again.

The main thing is that you are being selfish to your boyfriend. He is probably walking around thinking everything is peachy keen with you guys, and you are actually contemplating seeing other guys. That is really unfair to him and I doubt you would appreciate if the situation were reversed.

In reality, though, you have not done anything wrong-.yet. But I guarantee that if you decide to stay in this relationship in this state of mind, cheating probably is not too far behind. And that would be unforgivable. So, try to actually be a better person here and just make a decision.

Seriously. Before you really start to annoy me.


Dear Devil’s Advocate,


My sister got engaged a couple of months ago and now all my family can talk about is the wedding. Nothing I say or do seems to matter anymore. In fact, I’m pretty much invisible in my own house. I love my sister and I want her wedding to be wonderful too, but I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

-Goin’ to the Chapel


Dear Chapel,

Wow, this all sounds very Sixteen Candles. Did they forget your 16th birthday too? That would be great. Not for you, of course, but just for the sake of this column.

Anyway, back to the point. Having been through two sibling weddings myself, I can honestly tell you that the wedding madness takes over most households. You simply can’t help it.

It is an insatiable force that is not happy until it has everyone talking about place settings and flowers and hideous bridesmaid dresses.

Suffice it to say, you just have to deal with it. It will get monotonous at times, and you may often want to pull out your hair but the truth of the matter is that this is your sister’s time.

It is her wedding day and you should really try to do whatever you can to make it the best day of her life. I am sure she would do the same for you.

On the plus side, if your family does forget your birthday or any other big event in your life during this wedding planning time, you can ride the guilt from that incident for years to come.

You might also snag the hot guy with the cool red car like Molly Ringwald did. And I might also need to get a life and stop using 80’s movies as references to solve real-life problems.