SJU Concert: Right idea, Wrong artists

There is a simple formula used in public relations which goes “Big names equals big crowds.” This is true for benefits, club openings, and even events to create more student involvement. The latter is the case for St. John’s University.

When looking at what St. John’s has recently put together for the concert featuring artists Elephant Man, Jadakiss, and Papoose, one has to ask, are they right for St. John’s?

Upon overhearing a conversation regarding the upcoming performance, freshman Matt Schoenstein asked, “Who is Elephant Man?” The same question has been asked by many students all across campus. Why didn’t St. John’s book musicians that more students will recognize and associate with?

When asked about possibilities for other people to perform here, an array of suggestions were given. They ranged from Alicia Keys, to All American Rejects, to the Black Eyed Peas. Students all around would prefer to see artists that relate closer to their demographic.

Despite a certain disconnect, students on campus are perfectly content with Jadakiss and Papoose performing here because they are from New York. But when deciding on an artist, one must take into account the affect Hip-Hop lyrics have had on our urban environment.

A person’s message in a song should weigh heavily in the decision making process. Good examples include, Alicia Keys, who promotes children and teens getting involved in music programs in school. The All American Rejects’ recent single, “Move Along,” sends a message of moving forward despite struggle. And the Black Eyed Peas have been promoting peace and political activism since 1995.

While Jadakiss, Elephant Man, and Papoose are not poor choices for a concert, there are far better possibilities to perform at a school like St. John’s. And according to some residents, commuters, and faculty, many are still wondering, “Who is Elephant Man?”