The Secrets Behind Hollywood’s Top Bodies

Every couple of months we get to see the top celebrities wear their expensive tuxedos and dresses from all of the world’s top designers, but what really catch our eyes is how sexy they look and how much we would die to have a body just like theirs. Let me be the first one to say that it’s not impossible to have a body just like your favorite celebrity but there are some things you ought to know if that is your plan.

Celebrities have a lot of stress when it comes to looking great, especially when you know that hundreds of cameras are going to be taking pictures of you from every possible angle. The pressure to look great is actually a key component to why they look good in the first place.

While pressure can very well create stress which will help to increase your cortisol (fat-adding hormone), it actually forces them to work with specific goals in mind to get the bodies they are looking for. That is the number one secret behind a celebrity’s body. They have a specific goal and a specific deadline to accomplishing this goal. So step one to getting a body worthy of the limelight is to set a realistic goal and have a realistic deadline for reaching that goal.

Secondly, they make time to get their workout in, no excuses. It is not so much they have the time to actually do it, but they focus on workouts that give them the best bang for their buck. Many celebrities are extremely busy believe it or not with 16 hour work shifts and they must get their 8 hours of sleep just to look fresh to do it all over again. If they have 30 minutes to work out, they do as much work in that 30 minutes that they can, again making no excuses as to why they cannot get it done. Remember you have a goal to meet and a deadline to meet it by.

Lastly, they eat like rabbits. By this I don’t mean just eating one cracker and call it a day. By that I mean they eat frequently but small portions. Spreading out your meals will help you increase the amount of calories you are burning. The key to looking firm and toned is to have your body burning as many calories as you can and this is definitely an easy way of doing just that.

Here are some tips as far as making the most of your workout time:

? Lift moderate to heavy weights with short rest between sets.

? Perform Interval Cardio (Alternating between high intensity cardio and low intensity cardio. For example, running at 8.0 for 1 minute and then jogging at 4.0 for 2 minutes and repeating it again for 4 to 6 rounds.)

? Select exercises that work a lot of muscle at once. (Squats, Pushups, Lunges, Seated Rows, Pull-ups, etc.)

With those take away tips and some of the celebrities top secrets to an A-list body, hit the gym hard, maintain your discipline at the lunch table and enjoy your new hot red carpet look.

Geovanni Derice is the proud owner and founder of 4everToned Fitness in Brooklyn, New York. During his 4 year career as a fitness professional and life coach, Derice has earned a B.S. in Sports Management from St.John’s University and a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) for certified personal trainers. He specializes in guaranteeing busy women and men results without spending countless hours in the gym.

He can be reached by calling 917-892-2779 or by visiting where you can download his special, “33 Must-Have Tips Supplement Companies Don’t Want You to Know.”