Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: Re: “Lenders: SJU to pay
over $80K”

First off, I would like to thank Everton Bailey’s article regarding reimbursements to student borrowers of loans. I am a freshman at St. John’s and I’ve had to take out a few
loans, so the news of possibly getting some money back is very pleasing. I am although
astonished at finding out the total of $80,553, which St. John’s is supposed to fully reimburse the students with. Apparently, this amount of money has been accumulating
over the course of three years and the university has used this revenue to pay “administrative costs in the financial aid office”.

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who launched an investigation-examining student
lending, discovered that private lenders were making “arrangements with colleges across
the country to gain a spot on their preferred lenders list in exchange for perks and profit.”

Shock. That’s all I could feel as I was reading this. It seems that the Education Finance
Partners (EFP) is at the center of the controversy and it also so happens that they are one
of the three preferred lenders by St. John’s. This definitely intrigues me, why? Because I
happen to have taken out loans through the EFP! I honestly feel somewhat betrayed by
the financial aid of St. John’s. I have laid my trust solely in the belief that St. John’s uses all of their proceeds for the benefit of the students (not for personal gain, which range from joy vacations to other gifts of the sort). Well, I guess you can say that my feelings of shock will end in feelings of pure excitement, that is, when I receive my lovely reimbursement check in the mail. Hmm, with the summer coming up I think ill
go out and get me some new expensive shoes…

Ilene Arce
St. John’s College

To the Editor: Re: “How to Pamper Your

What happened to the good old days where dogs were playful animals who loved
the outdoors. Is it really necessary to have doggie day cares, doggie hotels, and doggie
spas? I love dogs as much as the next person and I had a small dog that actually died
this past week. I was as upset as if I had lost a family member, but I never took him
to doggie hotels and spas. My sister tried putting a sweater on him once and he hated
it and never wore it again, because dogs are not meant to be dress up dolls! Since when
did they become a fashion statement?

It is amazing how people are all about their image. People cannot even be themselves
because they want to look “cool.” Paris Hilton decides to take her dog everywhere,
carry her around in her bag and all of a sudden it becomes the next BIG THING.

“Pampering your pooch” is proof that people will do anything to show that they have
money and try to look like a celebrity. Is it really necessary to spend $50 on a sweater
for your dog? How about $50 for the dish your dog eats out of? Does anyone really
notice if your dogs leash matches your outfit? People will buy anything that they are
told to buy. We are so easily manipulated and if any product is marketed well enough
anyone will buy it. Years ago, who would’ve thought that there would be a huge
industry for bottled water? Think of how popular the Frisbee is, its just a plastic disk
yet so many people have bought numerous Frisbees. People will buy anything if they
are told that it is “cool” or the next big thing. People will buy anything to just show an
image of wealth and famousness. Let dogs be dogs and not victims of our superficial

Brandon Contes
College of Professional Studies