Quality Control

I had originally planned to write about how annoying Michael Cera is getting by playing essentially the same character over and over again, but I changed my mind at the last minute.

Instead I found a couple of things that made my day and that should make yours.

I’ll start with the more ridiculous of the two: “MANswers.” If you can gather enough information out of the name alone you should know this television show has to be completely horrible and mind-numbing.

The fact of the matter is, it is that bad. But at the same time it ridiculously great. And, of course, it is on Spike, whose programming consists of fighting, hot chicks and “CSI”.

This past Wednesday, “MANswers” debuted its second season and it did not disappoint. The show prides itself on “answering all of the burning questions men have been dying to ask, but never found socially acceptable,” according to its Facebook page.

The first thing they tackled in their season premiere is how poop can save your life. “MANswers” went on to explain the best way to get hit by a car, which gun is the biggest you can buy, what the number one sex injury is, and how enormous breasts would behave on the moon.

Possibly the best aspect of “MANswers” is that it has legitimate professionals answer these crazy questions. So that last question, the one about breasts, was answered by a scientist.

He even went so far as to describe the behavior differences between real and fake breasts. Making things even better, there is an abundance of explosion clips and scantily clad women throughout the show. It is so ridiculous that even women will find the show entertaining if they approach it with a sense of humor.

On a more serious side, the Internet Movie Database (better known as IMDb) has added free streaming television episodes and movies. As if this site was not a movie lover’s crack already. The program is small scaled at the moment but with TV episodes already being updated, it can only go further from here.

The video quality is good and the commercial interruptions are limited. The selection is pretty good for being so small, too. Fox’s “Fringe” and “Bones” are on the list, as are classic shows.

Some of the movies aren’t all that great (Fever Pitch, the new Planet of the Apes), but there are some solid titles there, as well as the American Film Institute’s greatest comedy of all time, Some Like it Hot.

So I applaud IMDb for adding a great new feature to their site and Spike for making a horrible show so enjoyable. Michael Cera, you’ll get yours eventually.