Montys 2.0 Review

Lauren Eden, Staff Writer

Torch Photo Editor/Diana Colapietro
Torch Photo Editor/Diana Colapietro

If you were to take a random survey last year on students’ thoughts on Montgoris Dining Hall, you would likely hear some negative responses along with the occasional groan.

However, this school year, the newly renovated Montgoris, popularly known as  ‘Montys’, is getting positive feedback from students with meal plans, and it may even be worth a guest swipe if you don’t have one.

The food layout is completely different. Although most of the options have stayed the same just with different locations, there are some new additions.

One of the most talked about changes is the new hibachi station that offers stir-fry, which you get to customize by choosing all the protein, veggies and grains that your stomach desires.

“It feels like Benihana, and I love Benihana,” said Jon Byrne, a senior at St. John’s.

If there’s one thing about Montys that everyone can agree on, it is that the omelettes are impeccable and Angela, the woman who makes them, is an absolute angel.

The omelette station may have moved to where the main stations were, but the omelettes are still as good as ever.

The deli station, which remains one of the most popular, has moved to where the crepes used to be. There is still a salad bar, a pizza station and another station that features different dishes each day. There’s also a grill station with hot dogs, hamburgers and grilled chicken.

Not only has the food itself significantly improved, but the sleek new design makes the dining hallway more attractive and inviting to the St. John’s community.

“I believe the renovation that has been made streamlines the process of obtaining the more desirable meals in Montys like omelettes and stir-fry,” Byrne commented. “Providing a more adequate dining hall was completely necessary.”   

It makes sense to say that the interior design of restaurants/eateries impacts the overall experience of customers. For example, if there are two restaurants that serve food equal in taste, what the guests may rely on when deciding between the two may come down to the atmosphere that the eatery provides.

Can the new, renovated Montys be considered to have five-star quality food? Not quite. But the new ambiance definitely makes dining there a more enjoyable experience.