Tegan and Sara- Heartthrob

It has been about four years since the release of their last album, but in that time, they have been busy. From appearing on television shows, other artist’s albums and more, the twin sisters Tegan and Sara found time to record, promote and release their latest work Heartthrob.

Heartthrob holds true to its title. Song titles that insinuate  love such as “How Come You Don’t Want Me” and “I Was a Fool” are splattered throughout the back cover and the content of the songs don’t stray too far from the subject either. Lyrics from the album’s first single “Closer” ooze sexual references: “All I’m dreaming lately is how to get you underneath me / Here comes the heat before we meet a little bit closer”

On their records, the duo has always liked to experiment with different sounds. Their first album, Under Feet Like Ours, compares to an earthy, indie record whereas Heartthrob takes on the latest trend of synthetic, synthesized beats. However, Tegan and Sara have made successfully made the transition and avoid sounding like a copycat.

The overall direction of  Heartthrob is upbeat and poppy. But some songs, such as “I Couldn’t Be Your Friend” and  “I Was a Fool,” are timid tunes of betrayal that are simplistic and stark compared to the other tracks

“Love They Say” is one of the more uplifting songs on the album. It’s a very romantic mellow song that makes takes a complete 180 from the lyrical subject on other songs. The song is meant to preface others on Heartthrob by talking about how good relationships are at the beginning. It’s also a statement that one can still find love despite having negative relationships in the past.

This album is the perfect balance of depressing lyrics and an upbeat pace. At first glance, Heartthrob may sound like the perfect companion to your post-breakup blues, but be forewarned. You might end up worse than before.