The 2014 Golden Globed recap

The 2014 Golden Globed recap

Since Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s stint at last year’s Golden Globe Awards, millions of fans and celebrities around the world couldn’t wait to see two of television’s funniest ladies steal the stage and make them laugh until they cried again. Clearly their bold humor was in the air and even rubbed off on some celebrities.

It is the first of many Hollywood awards ceremonies of the year—the one that predicts most Oscar nominees and is usually more lively. While most celebrities donned elegant gowns and sharp-looking suits, their red carpet look didn’t stop them from letting their wild side a little loose—or for some, too loose.

You may call the humor too crude or too excessive, but the Golden Globes are a much more laid-back version of the Oscar Awards, and hosts Fey and Poehler wanted you to know that. They certainly did not hold back on stage and poked fun at some A-listers, like Matt “the Garbage Man” Damon, George “Young Womanizer” Clooney, and who could forget Leonardo “Modelizer” DiCaprio? Other celebrities like Taylor Swift, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill and Tom Hanks were also thrown in the mud. Other celebrities like Jim Carrey joined in on the fun and took a shot at Shia LaBeouf.

One of the biggest winning moments was British actress Jacquine Bisset’s (BBC’s “Dancing on the Edge”) acceptance speech for best supporting actress for television; she got emotional, threw her hands in the air and cursed (which they didn’t censor) and extended her speech—for way longer. It probably wasn’t part of the teleprompter dialogue, but she wasn’t the only one who didn’t go with the flow that night. When Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie were presenting, the teleprompter experienced a malfunction, leaving them to improvise.

For TV junkies, Amy Poehler’s night ended well with the win for best actress in a TV series for her role in “Parks in Recreation,” and Bryan Cranston in “Breaking Bad” won him the award for best actor in a TV series. Not only was Cranston’s win a great one for the “Breaking Bad” community, but the show also won the huge prize for best TV series for drama. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” also did well, winning best TV series for musical or comedy, and leading man Andy Samberg won best actor in a TV series for musical or comedy.

It was a fun night with lots of laughter, but not everyone was pleased. Woody Allen’s “Lifetime Achievement” award outraged Mia Farrow and son Ronan Farrow, who expressed their anger on Twitter; Ronan made reference to Allen’s adopted daughter, Dylan, who accused Allen of molesting her 20 years ago.

While “American Hustle” was a huge favorite, “12 Years a Slave” clearly prevailed and won best motion picture for drama.