Rick Ross’ ‘Mastermind’ release

Rick Ross released his sixth album on March 3, 2014 titled “Mastermind.” Ross wants listeners to know how hard he has worked to get to the place he is at now.

His song “Drug Dealer’s Dream” talks about the hardships he faced and his friends are still facing on the streets. He acknowledges that he enjoys giving chances to young black men to enter the music industry. The rap community is under constant ridicule for their aggressive lyrics and violent statements. However, Ross expresses that it’s the life he and his friends were forced to live in order to survive. In his song “Drug Dealer’s Dream” he talks about his friends who were either killed, are spending years in jail or are currently affected by a disease.

His album seems to be a collaboration of honoring how far he has come in the music industry and an ode to his friends who were lost in the drug dealer lifestyle. The album includes his single featuring Jay-Z,  “The Devil Is A Lie” which has a catchy remixed jazz beat. Ross and Jay-Z discuss the times the devil has tried to take their lives but they have persevered.  Ross also includes his second single, “War Ready” featuring Young Jeezy with a foot-stomping intense beat. Ross talks about how he is “War Ready” which is their way of saying that they are forever ready to take on the struggles of life.

“Mastermind” features artists like French Montana, Jay-Z, The Weeknd, Jeezy, Kanye West, Big Sean, Meek Mill, Lil Wayne, P. Diddy, Scarface, Mavado and Z-Ro. The album is filled with dramatic beats and intense lyrics expressing the lifestyles they live. “Mastermind” features 20 songs and is guaranteed to have your head bobbing and foot stomping.  Rick Ross’ album is available now via iTunes for $13.99.