Tina Fey delivers big laughs

The SNL favorite leaves America in stitches with Palin skit

Alyssa Ford , Contributing Writer

We all know and love actress Tina Fey for her comedic roles in numerous films, such as “Baby Mama” and “Mean Girls.” The fan favorite, however, has to be her impression of former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin.

Thanks to Palin’s nearly embarrassing speech given at Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Ames, Iowa on Jan. 19, we now have yet another Saturday Night Live spoof on Sarah Palin, performed by Tina Fey.

Brilliantly hilarious as always, Fey mocked Palin’s recent endorsement of Donald Trump at the rally, even borrowing actual lines from the speech in the SNL skit.

Fey said things like “media heads are spinning” and when talking about Donald Trump, “he can kick ISIS’ ass because he commands fire,” both lines being similar versions to what Palin actually said on stage at this high profile event.

Tina Fey brought an energy to the stage that made the performance fun and realistic.

When watching the spoof, one may think she is exaggerating when in reality, her impression is spot on.

Whenever she imitates Palin, she carries herself in a way that highlights Palin’s ridiculous character. Her accent is so well-done, that it is as if Fey is lip synching Palin’s actual voice.

Not only is Fey’s acting incredible, but so is the Saturday Night Live’s wardrobe department. The beaded jacket that Palin wore on stage the night of the endorsement is sold out everywhere, so the wardrobe department at the show took it upon themselves to recreate it. This helped ensure the skit to be as authentic as possible.

Palin was seen on stage bouncing around in the beaded jacket, which Fey was able to reenact perfectly. The jacket was a crucial prop to provide the accuracy the skit needed to make it as great as it was.

Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin, who was furious over Tina Fey dissing her mother, wrote about the skit on her blog. Bristol called the actress “desperate” and the show “pathetic.” She did compliment the show, however, on their recreation of her mother’s jacket.

Hands can also applaud for Saturday Night Live actor Darrell Hammond, who played Donald Trump. The actor called Palin a “firecracker.” He also said “she’s a real pistol” and “she’s crazy isn’t she?” Fey and Hammond’s satirical performance truly showed the ignorance that lies within Palin and Trump.

One of my favorite parts of the skit was at the end when “Palin” (Fey) admits she doesn’t actually think Trump should be president.

“I’m just here ‘cause he promised me a spot in his cabinet and I belong in a cabinet ‘cause I’m full of spice and I’ve got a great rack.”

Once again, Tina Fey has showed the world her genius. Bristol Palin may think this act is overdone, but I can’t get enough of it.