“Work” music videos bring back Rihanna and Drake’s steamy vibe

Michael Jn-Marie, Contributing Writer

2016 has been an amazing year thus far for music legends Rihanna and Drake. With RiRi releasing her much anticipated album, and arguably her best to date, “ANTI” this past month and Drake being given the key to the city of Toronto along with being the unofficial host of NBA All Star Weekend this year, the two music stars are riding a huge wave of success. What better way to keep that momentum going than to rekindle their past romance with each other and team up for a steamy music video to go along with their latest collaboration “Work” off of Rihanna’s 8th album.

Work is the latest smash hit from the songstress and third collab with close friend Drake. After its release weeks ago, reviews were 50/50 on the track with most critics highlighting it as just another track from the two with not as much effort put into it like earlier efforts.

Their previous team up “What’s My Name” had an instant catch to it with Rihanna’s sing-along chorus and one of Drake’s most memorable guest verses and “Take Care” had a very sultry R&B vibe that seemed to be a perfect match for the two. Though “Work” may not have screamed hit at first listen, its insanely annoying, yet extremely catchy chorus and reggae vibe was something that could have turned this track into yet another hit for the two music stars. This song may take multiple listens before you begin to love it and, after several weeks of constant radio play to get stuck in everybody’s heads, the only thing missing from the song was a perfect music video to go along with it.

After teasing fans as far back as January of the video, it was released in full this past week with two parts to it (like I said before, it takes multiple listens to really enjoy and, as the song’s theme suggests, you’re in for one helluva party from the Barbadian singer and Canadian Rapper). The first video takes place in a Toronto West Indian restaurant “The Real Jerk,” highlighting the popular dancehall theme the city was often known for. Just as the song’s vibe suggests having a good time, the first video, shot by Director X, makes sure that remains true as Rihanna wines and grinds throughout the night. Drake then joins in on the party as he and Rih dance with each other along with a full house of other partygoers.

The second video sees a much calmer vibe as Rihanna and Drake are shown in a private room as Rih, wearing a very see through like top dances for the “6 God” as he watches in awe from the couch. The two videos rekindle the romance of the two when they were “a thing,” bringing back the same memories from their previous two videos “What’s My Name” and “Take Care.” It only further shows that these two have a lot of chemistry with one another and know how to have fun. Why aren’t they together again? That’s something you’ll be asking yourself over and over after watching the video.

The release of the video is perfect timing. With “Work” topping the Billboard charts this past week, the video and their live performance of the hit at the BRIT Awards are only going to give this song more momentum than it already has. Expect this song the be the number one cookout tune this Summer at every backyard cookout.