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Keke Palmer declares adulthood: “I Don’t Belong To You” shows Palmer’s erotic side

Akeelah who? Lauren “KeKe” Palmer has grown up with no apologies in her new music video.

On Monday, Oct. 26, Palmer, 22, released the music video for her new single, on iTunes on Tuesday, Oct. 27, “I Don’t Belong To You,” with appearances from two familiar faces. London On Da Track produced this intense song for her second upcoming album with Island Records, who she announced to have signed a contract with in August, Mia Swier and Jim Swaffield produced the black-and-white visual.

This single, also co-written by Palmer, is for anyone who is or has been fed up with their lover and is putting their happiness first. In the video, which she also directed, she is moving on from one relationship to an unexpected one.

Throughout the shockingly erotic video, the “Scream Queens” actress shows off her figure by wearing a strapless bra and panty set with a body chain and a sheer robe to start the video, along with a lingerie piece, which is seen later on.

Palmer starts off by leaving her lover, played by “Power’s” Rotimi, while he’s still in bed, singing:

“I done told you, I done showed you/ Now you wanna act like I tricked you/ But I’m ‘sleep, can’t you see/ There’s a difference between me, you and these sheets.”

She goes on to singing the chorus, “I don’t belong to you. Keep it on the down-low,” as her driver takes her to her crib. After, there is instantly a shower scene where she’s showing bits of skin, which is pretty racy for Palmer. Presumably washing off the past and lost love for Rotimi’s character, she then puts on makeup and lingerie, and continues to sing:

“Don’t you act innocent, you own the part that you play/ And I’m not interested in playing your childish games/ No, no, no, no, I don’t have to keep it real/ But I do because I care ‘bout how you feel.”

After leaving her house, singing the chorus, wearing a fur coat and heels, she gets out of the car and heads to the front door while singing the hook:

“Don’t take it all so personal/ I just can’t give you what you want/ Don’t think that you can just keep tryin’ me/ Boy I’ll just leave you alone/ I don’t belong to you.”

She knocks on the door, the door opens and it’s model/singer Cassie. Plot twist. Palmer opens up her coat and shows her the lingerie and Cassie instantly bites her lip, takes her hand, brings her in the house and Palmer ends the video looking into the camera as if she’s saying “surprise.”

Many of her fans are lost for words, have voiced their opinions on social media and have dished the dirt on Miss Palmer.

Apparently in a previous Snapchat post, the “I Don’t Belong To You” singer posted a 10-second video of her and Cassie sharing a kiss on the lips, which as since been deleted. Is this her way of telling the public that she’s “coming out?”

Well, Palmer took to Instagram with a “sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on” selfie with a very cryptic caption, which you can pretty much assume as a response to the reactions of the video, with the hashtags, “#youfeelme #yolo #thatpart #fwm #idontbelongtoyou #nolabels #cantstopwontstop #wheredagurlsattho”

Okay, KeKe. We get that you’re growing up, but was this video the right way to drop the alleged bomb? We’re keeping our eyes and ears open.

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