Jared Leto set to play Andy Warhol

Abhishek Joshi, Staff Writer

The last couple of years have been seemingly interesting for Jared Leto. After the release of Warner Bros. pictures’ distributed production, “Suicide Squad,” Leto has signed up to play the role of artist Andy Warhol in a biopic –  titled “Warhol.” Along with that, Leto has also signed to co-produce this feature.

Warhol was an iconic artist; highly celebrated for his paintings like “32 Campbell Soup Cans” and “Marilyn Diptych.”  He passed away in 1987 at the age of 56. While the movie has just been slated, production houses and Leto’s fans are very hopeful, if not excited, to see the methodical actor step into the shoes of the artist.

Chris Anzilotti, a junior at St. John’s said, “I think that Jared Leto can and will do a great job portraying Andy Warhol.”

He believes that the actor’s past performances are an indication of this.

“Leto’s performances in films such as ‘Dallas Buyer’s Club’ and ‘Suicide Squad’ show his ability to commit to a character and a role,” he said. “ Hopefully this will shed some light on the life of Andy Warhol to a new generation.”

While “Suicide Squad” as a movie opened up to mixed reviews, Leto’s performance as an actor was highly appreciated.  According to an article published on Rolling Stones’ website, the movie’s story source will be Warhol’s biography – “Warhol: The Biography,” written by Victor Bockris. Bockris has also written biographies for many other famous people, such as Mohammed Ali and Lou Reed. What is interesting is that the author has already penned another book on Warhol, titled “The Life and Death of Andy Warhol.”

Although the news of a biopic on Warhol spread like wildfire, no other information in regard to the production of the project has been released. The studio’s  plan on releasing a timeline about the film and production details as soon as a further star cast is set solid and Leto’s dates are available for filming. The “Dallas Buyer’s Club” actor is currently busy filming for the currently untitled sequel of the 1982 hit, “Blade Runner.”

Along with Leto, “The Wolf of Wall Street” writer Terence Winter will join the party by being a writer as well a co-producer of the movie. Whether or not the film will go down in history is something that time will tell, but we are surely excited to see Warhol come back to life on the big screen.