Tribeca Film Festival Presents “Low Tide”

Eduardo Alfonzo, Staff Writer

Photo/ Tribeca

When people think summer time, they usually think of spending time on the beach or going to an amusement park. But in “Low Tide,”  audiences saw that not all things are fun and happy in the summer.

“Low Tide” tells the story of three teenagers: Alan, Red and Smitty, who instead having fun at the beach, break into vacation homes to steal valuable objects and eat lunches at the burger stand. One night, when they are entering a home, Alan’s brother, Peter, finds a bag of gold, and they decide to keep it a secret from Red and Smitty. But, as the story goes on, Red and Smitty get suspicious about Peter’s behavior and things take a dark and violent turn.

The style and tone of “Low Tide” is notable  as the film does a great job of making Jersey Shore feel both fun and joyful and dark and mysterious. Toggling back and forth, one scene can show the characters having a fun time at the beach while another scene shows them committing terrible deeds. 

Another selling point of the film is the performance of the cast. Keenan Johnson and Jaeden Martell portray  Alan and Peter, respectively in the film, both believable and heartbreaking. Meanwhile, Alex Neustaedter is terrifying as Red.

The ending of the film can leave audiences split. Without giving too much away, the ending has a somber and melancholy tone that in some way made the film just a bit more memorable.

“Low Tide” may be dark, but it’s a very well-made coming of age story that shows the consequences of trying to ahead of life through robbery and secrets.