All that’s needed is ‘Ambition’


The anticipated sophomore album Ambition from Maybach Music’s poetic genius, Wale, saw its release Nov. 1. Now that Wale is under a new music label, unlike his other projects, Ambition is more mainstream, something that many of his original and dedicated fans feared would happen. Regardless of that aspect, the rapper’s sophomore project does not disappoint in the slightest bit.

Ambition starts off with a smart choice, “Don’t Hold Your Applause,” which features the now familiar echo of the angelic female voice saying, “Maybach Music.” Through his rhymes Wale gives a behind the scenes look at where he currently is in his life as a rapper. The message of the song is that regardless of how successful he is becoming, he never wants anyone to hold their applause for him and just let him bask in the glory he feels he deserves.

In the next track, “Double M Genius,” he reminds his listeners what he is most known for—his intelligent, astute wordplay. In this track he does nothing less than fly talk through double entendres, metaphors and similes which his followers have grown to love from him.

The album then goes on to a more relax mood with “Miami Nights” where Wale helps listeners picture what a night in South Beach would be like.

Then the hardcore beat of “Legendary” by DJ Toomp and Lil’ Lody drops and wakes up the listener and brings them back to reality from the warm beaches of South Beach. On “Legendary” Wale spits his heart out saying “F*** Fame, f*** money and f*** anything anyone can take it from me/ It ain’t hard to make money we’re young n*****/ we’re just trying to be legendary.”

When the track changes to “Lotus Flower Bomb,” a softer side of the rapper shines through. A side which was shown in women praising songs like “Ambitious girl Pt. 1 and 2,” in previous projects. Miguel’s mesmerizing melodies are perfect for the chorus while Wale explains to a woman how amazing it is to see a woman with aspirations and goals. A track with a similar message is “Illest B*tch.”

The album then picks right back up with “Chain Music.” With the bass bumping beat by Tone P, and a sample of Rick Ross saying “Chain so big can’t pop my collar” being repeated, the same line he recited with the crowd at this year’s spring concert in Carnesseca Arena, the song leaves a listener feeling automatically energized.

Then the album slows down once again with the track “Sabotage,” another dedication to his female fans. Singer Lloyd lends his voice for the chorus while a raspy-voiced Wale discusses a confusing relationship with a girl who runs from his love.

After Wale continues to talk about women over the smooth sounds of “White Linen” the bass from “Slight Work” picks up the tempo once more and DMV natives Wale and Big Sean team up to make this a club-ready hit.

On his next track “Ambition” he teams up with his fellow MMG members Rick Ross and Meek Mills to talk about their aspirations to continue with their dream (as he also does on his track “No Days Off” and “Focused” featuring Kid Cudi) with the hook stating “Easy to dream a dream/ though it’s harder to live it”.

The same hunger and desire to make it is still palpable in his voice and in his lyrics on the sophomore LP. Wale who is known to be someone who does not thrive off of fame, but more through his music and his fan’s appreciation for his music. For those who don’t believe in him, all that is necessary to fall hard for his raps is to attend a live show like Nov. 2 free NYC concert he had in honor of his album release at Highline Ballroom. He will charm anyone in attendance, similar to the way he did at this year’s Spring Fling concert at St. John’s University. Many people are against Wale’s success because of his arrogance but through this album he shows exactly why he is at the place he is in his career and he owes it solely to his ambition.

Wale's album release concert in NYC on Nov. 2.