Frozen pipe causes flooding in Donovan Hall

A frozen pipe that split caused some areas on two floors of Donovan Hall to flood earlier this week, University spokeswoman Elizabeth Reilly said Friday.

The metropolitan area experienced a frigid spell at the beginning of the week with temperatures in the single digits overnight.

“The piping has already been repaired and the affected areas have been cleaned,” the statement from the University said. “Facilities is in the process of replacing the carpeting and painting those affected areas.”

The affected areas include the lounges on the fifth and sixth floors and a few adjacent rooms. Students who were affected have been notified.

According to the statement, the Department of Facilities has been working closely with Residence Life to ensure that all personal belongings are catalogued, cleaned and returned to the rightful owner.

The work is scheduled to be completed by Thursday, Jan. 16 before students begin returning to campus.