New Year, SJU Gets New Look

Photo- Brionna R. Jenkins


St. John’s University gives their students the opportunity to study in style, putting their tuition dollars to work through improvements on campus. Last semester, new campus directory and street signs were installed and the university didn’t miss a beat, up-keeping the fresh environment with further improvements for the 2014-15 school year.

One of the largest improvements made was to the student bookstore, which is now the “SJU Campus Store.” Along with changing the store sign to a more visible and brand-concious display, the interior set up and color scheme were also updated.  Students seem pretty pleased with the new display sign and setup for the bookstore. Brian Cheng, a sophomore pharmacy student shares, “I didn’t find the bookstore improvements really necessary but if they help improve the campus overall, I’m all for it.”

New flat screen monitors were installed in Marillac Hall, giving the academic building a more chic and clean look. The updated bathrooms are now similar to those in the D’Angelo Center; one of the most recently built facilities on the campus. Justin Solomon, a psychology major thinks, “The new bathrooms are the best thing they’ve done for Marillac. They are cleaner and nicer and I’m sure everyone appreciates it .”

The newly made improvements benefit commuter and resident students alike. The days of cutting through the grass near Sullivan Hall to exit Gate 6 are now over. The path paved through the grass will allow for easier access to both the Gate 6 exit and the parking lot.  For the students who call St. John’s home, looking presentable to go down to the lobby to check your mail or grab your food delivery may no longer be a huge concern. With the installment of the tints on the lobby windows, no one standing outside the residence hall will be able to see inside.

Along with the facility updates, you can see SJU banners on light posts just about anywhere you turn on campus. The banners display the university colors, new logo and many of them are images of students and the campuses abroad.

Computer science major Xavier Duah, expresses that although some renovations such as Taco Bell were unnecessary, the improvements are nice and enhance the visual aspect of the campus.