Mixed wins for five latest primaries

Angelica Acevedo, News Editor

On April 26, five states conducted their presidential primaries. As of 10:49 p.m. last night, the presidential candidates for the Republican and Democratic parties, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton respectively, furthered their lead in the race, according to Politico.

A sort of mini Super Tuesday took place with Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Rhode Island embarking on their primaries.

According to Politico, Trump was projected to win all five states with his competitors, John Kasich and Ted Cruz, having a low probability to take any wins.

Clinton was also believed to take most of the states, with a small chance that Bernie Sanders would win at least Connecticut and Rhode Island.



Trump won the Republican votes with 58 percent and 28 delegates. Kasich came in second with 28 percent, while Cruz got last place with 12 percent.

Clinton won the Democratic votes with 51 percent and 42 delegates. Sanders came close with 47 percent.


Trump took more than half of the votes, garnering 61 percent of the votes. Kasich came in second with 20 percent, followed by Cruz with 16 percent.

Clinton also obtained most of the votes with 60 percent of the votes. Sanders only gained 39 percent of the votes here.


Trump garnered 57 percent of the votes and 17 delegates, with Kasich and Cruz behind him, with 22 and 19 percent respectively.

Clinton took most of the votes here with 56 percent of the votes and 112 delegates. Sanders came close with 44 percent and 59 delegates.


Trump won with 54 percent of the votes and 35 delegates. Kasich got 23 percent and Cruz took 19 percent.

Clinton swept the votes by gaining 63 percent and 69 of the delegates. Sanders fell behind with a mere 33 percent of the votes.

Rhode Island

Trump won big in this state, with 64 percent of the votes. Kasich came in second with 25 percent of the vote, leaving Cruz with 11 percent.

Sanders won Rhode Island, as was expected, with 55 percent of the votes and 13 delegates. Clinton got 44 percent of the vote, taking 20 delegates.


After the polls were in, Trump and Clinton conducted victory speeches.

According to The Hill, Trump conducted his speech on Tuesday night in New York City. He stated, “I consider myself the presumptive nominee, absolutely.” He also called for his competitors to “get out of the race.”

Clinton conducted her speech on Tuesday night in the Philadelphia Convention Center, calling to unify the Democratic Party and proclaimed that this is necessary in order to prevent Trump from building walls.

Clinton stated in her speech, “In this election we’ll have to stand together to work hard and prevail against candidates on the other side who would threaten all those rights and pit Americans against each other.”