The Coronavirus

Is it just as “simple” as a plague?


How can I not take action when there are people suffering, regardless of whether  or not I am familiar with them, and just hope that nothing unexpected will happen to me? How can I naively believe that the time I spend with my family, my daily provisions and everything else I have, comes easily?

I was born and raised in Wuhan for 16 years — yes, the place where this coronavirus outbreak originated. Rather than pointing out all the hidden or exposed inhumane sufferings and chaos, I want to share God’s truth behind all of these. “For His plans are to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11) 

The origin of the “Black Death” in Europe in the 1300s was similar to the coronavirus. Both came from human consuming unholy food God categorized in Leviticus 11 (ex. rats and bats) and many other hidden sins. According to an article posted on,  without advanced techonology or professional doctors, the plague wiped out 1/3 of Europe population. However, within four months, the rate suddenly dropped to 0.1% when the villagers of Oberammergau repented before God and cried out for mercy. The villagers kept their promise with God and will be holding the 42nd “The Passion Play Village” in 2020. Who has something as omnipotent as God to save him from all harm? But if we are willing to ask God for help, and sincerely repent deep inside our hearts, He can make danger and calamity beyond us and our home.

For months, I have heard countless reactions from victims and bystanders. I totally understand because I might have acted the same before I became a Christian. I don’t know who to seek help from, I don’t know who to blame … I strive to protect myself. However, my whole life was transformed once I encountered God. He wants to be your protection too. 

Since the beginning of 2020 catastrophes such as the sudden death of superstars, flu, locust famine, war and wildfire. These catastrophes, once written in black and white, unfold before our eyes. Don’t be astonished when you find all the answers in the Bible. Knowing God is this real, how should you respond?

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” Do not wait for God’s wrath to execute judgment. These disasters are just loving warnings from our merciful God. He isn’t trying to destroy us, but awaken us; won’t He leave the 99 to look for the 1? (also check out I Peter 4:17 and II Peter 3:9). We are all sinners. II Timothy said end time sinner are lovers of ourselves and money, rebellious, proud, unholy, without love, unforgiving… 

Brothers and sisters, this message isn’t to scare you but to save you. I am simply trying my best to deliver God’s messages accurately and pray that you will personal encounter Him. Starting today, restore your relationship with God, not only to bring blessings and eternal life to yourself, but to your friends and families, and even those strangers in need. All glory to you, God! May you establish an eternal relationship with God! God is love and he won’t withhold his discipline!