American Horror hits FX

American Horror Story is a new horror-drama television series on the FX network. The show chronicles the life of the Harmon family after their move across country.
Dr. Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott) was caught by his wife Vivien (Connie Britton) in their bed cheating with a young woman six months after Vivien miscarried the couple’s soon to be baby boy. In an effort to save their marriage and have a new start they pick up with their daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga) and move from Boston, Mass. to Los Angeles, Calif.
As the Harmon family is looking over the mansion they plan to move to for the first time, the realtor tells them of the death of the previous owners in a murder/suicide. The Harmon family moves in regardless of the fact that a family died in the house’s basement.
Over the next few days, it’s clear that something is off about the house. For one, a housekeeper named Moira (Frances Conroy) claims that she has been employed by the many previous owners of the house for years and offers to work for the Harmons.
Vivien hires her, unaware that Ben sees Moira as a young, sexy version of herself (Alexandra Beckenridge.) Everyone else sees her as an elderly, wrinkled woman. Continuously, the young Moira uses her sexual appeal to her advantage and tries to seduce Ben. This could be Moira’s way of trying to save the family’s life, trying to make them run away from what they tried to leave behind.
Larry (Denis O’Hare) who is severely burnt over most of his body finds out that the Harmon family has moved in to the mansion. When Ben goes jogging, Larry catches up to him and warns him repeatedly about the house and its horrible
ways. Larry tells Ben that the house knows what is bothering him and that the house will use that against him.
Larry is the previous owner of the house and claims that after only a few months of living there, the house made start a fire that killed his family. This resulted in his burns which may have made him seem like a victim, causing authorites to claim a murder suicide instead of a homicide.
Last but not least one must not forget Adelaide (Jamie Brewer) a young child with Down Syndrome who has a supernatural connection with the house. She shows up unexpectedly, often warning the family that they will die in the house if they do not leave as soon as possible.
Even before the show actually starts, a scene tells the mansion’s history, which explains how someone or multiple people have died in the house and
preludes to what’s to come in future episodes. This show has many twists and turns that can excite the viewer and leave him on edge throughout the entire episode. It’s clear that there’s a lot of story to tell with the history of the house and its previous residents.
American Horror Story has already sparked a lot of conversation among viewers since its premiere. Tune in Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX to learn more about the mysterious estate.