Hit or Miss: Mac Miller ‘Blue Side Park’

Mac Miller returns to the only place he calls home on his debut Blue
Slide Park.
The Pittsburgh native delivers a Pennsylvania-repping album that lets his personality shine. Whether reminiscing on “PA Nights” or partaking in a “Party On 5th Ave.,” Miller reveals his comedic side while coming to grips with the celebrity lifestyle.
His album offers a wide range of anthems to fit various groups. The Clam Casino-produced “My Team” is an instant crew song while “Up All Night” serves as the perfect theme for the
students pulling all-nighters to party.
“Diamonds & Gold” is strictly for the ladies who smash society’s expectations and succeed. For those struggling with complicated relationships, “Missed Calls” is a go-to and must-repeat. The college-dropout-turned-rapper also addresses his personal haters with a positive comeback on the go-hard “Smile Back” while taking flights in the laid-back “Under the Weather.”
On “Of the Soul,” the Billboard magazine coverboy spits with an old-school spirit, looking at his hype with a less-than-humble yet optimistic approach. “Hear me on the radio, sh-t’ll change forever/ Now I’m just a pop sensation, f*ck your expectations/ I’mma be the best, have some patience.”
Miller seals the album with the perfect one-two punch combination with “Man in the Hat” and “One Last Thing,”
saving the best for last. Listeners will appreciate the album for its vivid descriptions of true-to-life experiences, especially those in the same age group as Miller.
Although the well-received mix tape hits “Frozen Pizza and Kool-Aid” and “Donald Trump” don’t appear on the album, there’s plenty of material on the album to satisfy similar Miller cravings. Miller’s mainstream appeal with an
underground guise makes him an all-around rapper. He doesn’t confine himself to the rap genre but spits verses on whatever he feels like over any beat that moves him. The trick is his versatility.
In a recent interview with MTV News, Miller says his five-year career plan includes bagging a couple of  Grammy awards and a Nobel Peace Prize.
With Blue Slide Park, the dream may well be within his reach with
some maturation.
For now, it’s all about the game:
“I just make music that’s hip-hop. I’m not here to be a teenybopper sensation. I make music because I love
making music.”
Miller’s debut is audible evidence that he’s no longer a secret, but rather a voice which the world is slowly starting to listen to.