Hit or Miss: Cheap Girls ‘Giant Orange’

Giant Orange is the third studio album by the band Cheap Girls which is set to be released on Feb. 21. Giant Orange overall has a very grungy appeal. The majority of songs a incredibly raw which makes the album sound a bit unfinished. It lacks a crisp quality on songs like “If You Can’t Swim” and “Right Way” that could have given them more life and a chance to stand out from others on the album.

This album undoubtedly defines the band. Cheap Girls has had a thoroughly consistent pop punk sound and that is clear in Giant Orange. The vocals are usually low and the drums provide a beat with the same kind of feeling but despite that, it is something which people can dance to. The beats are catchy although they aren’t really anything special or even memorable.

While this is the band’s third record, it sounds just like their first and second. All of the songs on the album sound similar and there isn’t much of a change in tempo or beat from song to song. Mostly it is the small changes that separate the songs from one another. All the songs on the album sound like they could be different variations of each other, which is usually the normal route for bands who remain loyal to their original sound. Take for example the songs “Ruby” and “Manhattan on Mute,” both on this album. Despite a change in the lyrics, both songs are strikingly similar.

This seems to be a recurring theme in most of Cheap Girls’ music. Every album is basically a continuation of the last. There is no real change or evolution from record to record and the band does not seem to want to stray or try anything new to expand on their current sound.

The band has attempted to branch out though, getting their feet wet in the slightest ways possible. “Cored to Empty” is an acoustic song on Giant Orange. The guitar has a positive sounding strum which is
different than the heavy sound on the rest of the album.

“Sunnyside” is a song on the band’s second album My Roaring 20s and is possibly the only other song on any of their albums that stands out from the rest. “Sunnyside” has a soft airy appeal that has almost a country sound to it. It has the ability to relax the listener as it begins the album and prepares them for the music to come. The beat is light and is almost a consistent tap in the background.

All of this however shouldn’t take away from the quality of the record. Standing alone, Giant Orange is rather a good record. It has a raw edge that complements the lead singer’s voice. Cheap Girls does seem very comfortable with where their sound, after three records they know what they are doing and what works for them. They manage to stay true to themselves although unfortunately, that tends to result in a mediocre project.