Hit or Miss: Clay Aiken-Steadfast Review

3 out of 4 stars By Kori Williams/Staff Writer

Clay Aiken is back with another round of classic hits on his latest album Steadfast.
The American Idol runner up has been M.I.A. for the past few years in terms of
music. After the release of his fifth album Tried and True, Aiken really seemed to lay low. Now he is on
the latest season of Celebrity Apprentice and is releasing his
latest album on March 26.
Steadfast brings nothing new to the table. It is understood that this
album, just as Aiken’s other works, is comprised of classic goodies. However, the songs “Crying,” “Moon River,” and other songs are also found on his previous album. There are other songs that he could have recreated. There are only so many times you can release the same song.
While Aiken’s voice is still strong and powerful throughout the album, he doesn’t seem to use it. He keeps an even, moderate
tone to his voice throughout the entire album without really challenging himself. It is almost as if Aiken has made the conscious choice not to fully extend his range.
The song “Unchained Melody” is the only song on the record that truly displays his vocal talents. Aiken’s voice sounds as clear and strong as it has on his previous records, however.
While this album is not much different than anything else he has produced in the past, it is clear that the classic sounds are his comfort zone and he won’t change. The songs themselves all have an upbeat yet calm feeling about them.
Steadfast as well as other Clay Aiken songs are perfect elements that will add an instant feeling of class to a home. Playing softly in the background, this album could certainly set the mood for your family’s next dinner party. The former teacher has provided the music world with safe tunes to match his timid demeanor. This album is a collection of timeless joys that have been brought further into the modern world.