First Listen: Last Day of Summer

Musicians in the present day focus more on their fame and music than on their fans. Brian Cag, Mark Shami, Anthony Li, David Buczkowski and Dan Brozek of the band Action Item are more than just their music and melodies.

They’re down-to-earth guys in their twenties from Bergen County, N.J. who love to interact and keep in touch with their fans. Action Item Band is consisted of five guys who all met while in high school and have only become closer in friendship ever since.

While musicians such as Rihanna have lyrics that only deal with love and sex, Action Item’s lyrics are heartfelt, genuine and relatable. Fans and listeners have found themselves tearing up to songs such as “Home” or encouraged or inspired by songs such as “Learn to Fly” or “Some Days.”

Action Item released their debut album, The Stronger the Love, two years ago in August 2010 and they’ve been releasing singles one by one throughout the year for who they call their “Action Item Family” or AI Family, the nickname for their entire fan-base.

Their most recent single is an upbeat, lively, light-hearted and fun song called “Last Day of Summer.” The lyrics in the song, “If we don’t go home the sun won’t set, if we run right now we won’t regret, and we can close our eyes and just pretend that it’s the last day of summer” portrays the bittersweet feelings of people during the last weeks of summer before going back to reality. In an interview with Front Row Live Entertainment, Li, the rhythm guitarist, describes the song as a “nostalgic idea of capturing this feeling of the last day of summer.” The single has gained a lot of airplay on radio stations across the country and band recently announced that the music video for “Last Day of Summer” will be premiering on MTV’s Buzzworthy blog.

On Sept. 11, Action Item will open for chart toppers Owl City at N.Y.’s Irving Plaza. But even though their star has already started to rise, their devotion to their fans through social media outlets, the band has shown that their audience is more important than fame. And that’s the way they like it.