Perfect harmony: Pitch Perfect is on key

The worry that all the funny moments of a movie are highlighted in the trailer is one that often stops college students from paying the $10 plus to go to the theater.  Pitch Perfect had that potential with Rebel Wilson’s self-proclaimed Fat Amy and her hilarious quips during the trailer.

However, the film ensures that there are plenty of highlights and other laughs as well. With puke jokes, unexpected thoughts, and other laugh out loud moments, the movie keeps you on your toes and laughing throughout the movie without feeling awkward sitting next to your father or even your 12 year old sister.

Anna Kendrick plays a fresh, slightly alternative Beca who tries to find her way at a school she didn’t want to go to discover her dreams of becoming a music producer. She finds her way through chance onto the Barden Bellas, an all-female a cappella group that leads her through the trials and tribulations of life in an ultra-competitive a cappella group.

The film follows Beca and the Bellas and their encounters with the campus archrivals the all-male Treblemakers throughout the school year and competitive schedule on the way to Lincoln Center for the National Finals. The plot, though not original, keeps your attention and makes you want to watch to the end. Rooting for the relationship between Beca and Jesse, her friend and, ironically, counterpart on the Treblemakers, takes up much of the film.

College students will get a kick out of the Barden College represented throughout the film. As Beca and the others make their way through their freshman year, the exaggerated activities fairs, crazy roommates and official rape whistles on move in day will bring back memories of their own experiences.

Despite the assurances of the distinction, the songs themselves sound awfully similar to those on the popular TV show, especially the mashups. The songs, both the ones sung by the groups and the ones put together by Beca in her mashups, all have a Top 40 feel. The toss-ins from different generations are nice touches to compliment the mostly pop soundtrack.

Overall, Pitch Perfect is a great little romp for anyone looking for a couple of laughs and some fun pop songs. The ending is a predictable romantic comedy but still manages to warm the heart and keep a smile on your face for the full two hours.