Paramore releases self-titled album

Paramore releases self-titled album

A lot of artists say that their self-titled albums are their most personal works. The band Evanescence, for example, who is known for their dark themed
lyrics and the lead singers melodic voice, released its self-titled album after  releasing two other studio albums and a live one. Lead singer, Amy Lee, said the album is about the band and the journey she took to fall back in love with the band. Paramore, the pop-punk trio, have done the same. In an interview with Elle Magazine, lead singer, Hayley Williams, said that the title for this album was a “statement.”

“If everything ended tomorrow, I would be completely satisfied that we put out this album before it was all over,” she told the Magazine.

The first track, “Fast In My Car” starts the record off right. With a fun,  upbeat vibe, the song talks about wanting to be free and enjoying what life has to offer in the moment. It is a good  indicator for what is to come for the rest of the album. Other songs like the single “Still Into You”, “Now” and “Grow Up,” have the same kind of upbeat nature. Paramore has enough love songs on it to fill a sea with emotion. Previous albums have not had this many blatant melodies with so much feeling. They are a complete contrast to the more upbeat tracks, but too much that they feel misplaced overall. One of the most embracing songs on the album, “I Hate To See Your Heart Break” may provoke the most feeling.

In comparison to “The Only Exception,” which is a track on the band’s previous album Brand New Eyes, “Heart Break” may be it’s predecessor. It has a sentimental touch that jumps out at you in the sweetest of ways.  There are three interludes: “Moving On”, “Holiday” and “I’m Not Angry Anymore” which all use a calm, simple beat, soft vocals and only a few seconds to calm a listener down from all the energy in other tracks. “Daydreaming” and “(One of Those) Crazy Girls,” also have the power to mellow out any kind of hostile mood. Paramore began streaming the new album on their website over a week before the official release date, which is April 9. This is the band’s first album since the departure of members, Josh and Zac Farro.

Paramore does a really good job of coupling different elements of rock music with this calming, peaceful ukulele, while holding true to themselves.  The band infuses these styles into their own personal style making everything their own making the album title more appropriate. It’s clear the band put much thought, effort, and personal feelings in a crashing wave that connects the band with every one of their fans.