Bobbi Kristina Update: Boyfriend Nick Gordon puts on a show for Dr. Phil

Jasmine Imani Davis , Assistant Entertainment Editor

The madness never ends. Dr. Phil McGraw was able to score another sit down, but not just any sit down. It was an intervention with Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon.

On Tuesday, March 10, according to the Associated Press, McGraw, 64, described Gordon, 25, as being “volatile” during the taped intervention, who said that he has “an enormous amount of guilt and pain” for what had happened after trying to resuscitate Bobbi Kristina, who remains hospitalized under a medically induced coma in Atlanta, Ga. at the Emory Hospital since Jan. 31.

“I lost the most legendary singer ever and I’m scared to lose Krissy,” said Gordon during the taping. “I want to let all you guys know I did everything possible in the world to protect them.”

McGraw also told the Associated Press that he saw that Gordon was “clearly in an altered state of consciousness.” He also added that Gordon played a Whitney Houston song on his phone before crying. “I asked him if he was sober, and he said, ‘No.’”

“Nick, you’re out of control,” said McGraw to Gordon. “You’ve threatened suicide. You deserve to get some help because if you don’t, you know you’re going to wind up dead.”

According to McGraw, one of the reasons why Gordon is in a state of emotional suffering is because he’s unable to visit Bobbi Kristina, 22, in the hospital because of his issues with her family.

“I hate Bobby Brown,” said Gordon in the preview of his intervention. “I miss Krissy and Whitney so much!”

Immediately after the taping of his interview with McGraw, Gordon checked himself into a rehabilitation facility. McGraw said that the intervention was successful with Gordon’s mother, Michelle, because it “got [Nick] safely tucked away into rehab.”

Dr. Phil’s intervention with Nick Gordon will air on his show on Wednesday, March 11 on CBS at 3 p.m.