Activities Fair Tries to Engage Students

Dozens of clubs, societies and organizations gathered on the Great Lawn for the Activities Fair on Sept. 10, to recruit new students.

Students were able to walk around to each table exploring their options and what extracurricular activities the school had to offer. Organizations ranged from multicultural, athletic, religious, Greek fraternities/sororities and academic clubs.

Sophomore Alessandro Salerno, the athletic chair for the Inter Fraternity Council, said anyone looking to join an organization shouldn’t feel limited in the amount that they might choose.

“Try out every organization,” he said. “Don’t feel pressured to join any organization just pick the one that you feel the most comfortable around, that’s what I did and it was the best decision of my life.”

Alice Wong, a junior and a part of the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, helped spent the day explaining the purpose of her organization. Wong said she encouraged students of every year to join the organization.

“It doesn’t matter what year you are,” she said. “It’s basically a family we have here.”

Nikhat Azam, a junior representative for Habitat for Humanity also helped with explaining what her organization has to offer. Habitat for Humanity, although not an on campus organization, has a relationship with the University students. Azam said the physicality of building and renovating buildings in impoverished parts of the world was something that appealed to her.

“It’s really hands on,” she said. “You’re working with people you’re trying to help. It can appeal to anyone.”

Michael C. Sconiers, a junior and the Community Service Chair for the Advertising Club, tried to get new students to make new connections, saying that it would be good for them when trying to apply for jobs.

“It’s good to network with other people,” he said..

Sconiers said he wanted to get new students who were just trying to coast through college, instead of getting involved, to join their group.

“We definitely encourage freshman, especially freshman who get up, go to class, and then stay in their dorms the rest of the day.”