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First Listen: Sincerest Music

The sincerity in his music is transparent. Nijay Sincere has developed a sound that includes melodies, rhythm, soul and most important of all, it is music with a message.

Nijay was raised on the Westside of Harlem Manhattan by a family whose main focus was music, dancing and performing. From a young age, the arts have always been important in his life-from dancing to writing, to releasing a mixtape this past August titled The Arts & The Music.

Nijay calls himself the “ultimate artist,” as he incorporates his own singing, rapping, dancing and song writing into his music.  “Not to pat myself on the back, but I’m ahead of my time,” he says.

He says it is important for an artist to create their own avenue and he has done so by being versatile in genres from techno, to hip hop, to Merengue.
Nijay says he has been compared to upcoming artists like Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and even Ryan Leslie, but insists that he is unlike anyone else in the game. Those artists, including Nijay, all have a special sound that separates them from R&B crooners in the likes of Trey Songz and Usher.

The pain, frustration and emotion that comes with loving someone and life’s struggles are clear in their voices, while the original and thoughtful lyrics are accompanied by refreshing beats and a new rhythm.  He said that his goal is to make his work be “music worth listening to,” and music that can teach people how to love better, and more freely.

Nijay says that he often finds himself seeing that the artists that get all of the attention usually don’t deserve it. Often, the artists that rap or sing about drugs, violence and money are the ones that get the most exposure, while the ones that sing and rap about real issues often stay in
the shadows.

He says that the success of an artist, no matter how talented or different, has much to do with their marketing team. In the past, promising singers like Ciara and J. Holiday have not had as much success as their counterparts because of poor marketing strategies from their teams. It has been said before that part of the problem, in Ciara’s case, was in fact her inability to find a sound that was her own.

“You need to learn to bounce back and regain the people’s interest,” Nijay says. “As for me, it is important to stay humble; you can reach out and touch Nijay.”
He says that it is important for artists to not walk around with their “noses in the air.” He even references his biggest idol, Michael Jackson, saying that even though he was once the greatest artist in music, he always stayed humble.

Listening to the mixtape The Arts & The Music, which is available to download for free on his website, will take the listener into a whirlwind of sound. As each song comes to an end and another begins, it often sounds as if it is a compellation of works from various artists. It is not confusing to
transit from one genre to the next, because each song contains its own magic and commands a listener’s full attention while making a smooth transition.
Using beats from songs like Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation” to Far East Movement’s “G6” to Lil’ Wayne “Single,” each song becomes Nijay

Sincere’s, and leaves the original in the dust. Songs like “Possible” and “Luv to Luv U” showcase the artist in his purest state. “Luv 2 Luv U” introduces the listener to a soft-toned Nijay professing his love for a lucky lady. His voice shines with the R&B background in “Possible,” and through his dedication to his craft and unyielding potential, he shows that in fact anything is possible.

Another song worth a listen is “The Art & The Music,” in which he showcases both his proficient rapping and singing skills.

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